Washable = Reusable

This triple-layered 100% cotton PM2.5 filtered protective mask is not a simple one-time-use product. The filters are easily replaceable and the mask is washable even in machine (30°C) making it re-usable.

Advanced inside

Each mask comes with two replaceable 5-layered carbon-technology PM2.5 filters, made from the same advanced material as N95 respirators. Of course we’ve made it easy to keep them fresh.

Fully adjustable

  • Adjustable ear loops make the mask fit perfectly.
  • Memory nose band to seal the air
  • Measures 14 x 22 cm
  • 100 % cotton

Why a PLASTIC bag?

We always keep plastic to the minimun, but this time sanitation is priority. With its smart resealable design you also have a perfect on the go cover when putting away your mask. Of course the bag is made of recycled plastic.

Be smart, stay safe

Stay updated

Call your loved ones instead of visit them

Call them often

Wash your hands

Exercise instead of Netflix